Dressage barns near Leesburg, VA

I will be relocating to Leesburg or close to it this fall and am going to be bringing my horse along. We are currently working at 2nd level and I’m looking for a barn that has great care (top priority), preferably with individual turnout, and a good trainer onsite. I’d likely be doing a partial/half training situation. I’d like to stay within a half hour drive (without traffic) and do not have a limit budget-wise on barns.

I’ve looked at everything Google has to offer on the subject as well as some threads in this forum but I’m hoping to get some more up to date information on who’s operating in the area and what facilities people recommend.

Are you open to eventing trainers? Imo some of the best dressage peeps around are actually eventers.

For pure dressage, Felicitas Von neumann-cosel is a quick hop across the Potomac in Dickerson, MD. I don’t know if she accepts horses on partial training, but worth checking into. There’s someone in Waterford, VA, who has a good reputation but whose name escapes me. Adrienne Alvord at Fairview in Millwood & of course Lauren Spreiser at Spreiser Sporthorse in Marshall. Though, those last 2 are really pushing it distance-wise from Leesburg. There’s a new farm opening in Leesburg this summer that looks nice; I have no idea if it will be H/J or mixed discipline though.

Keep in mind that Leesburg does have nasty evening rush hour traffic. Especially going north on 15 towards Lucketts & Brunswick and the westbound stretch of the R7 bypass stretching from Lansdowne all the way out to R9. Particularly now that they’re doing whatever the heck it is they’re doing to the Battlefield Parkway/R7 interchange.


Olivia lagoy welts is in Haymarket VA. might be a little far… but worth it!!!

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Ampara Visser is in Haymarket, which is within 30 min of Leesburg. She has very little online presence, but she is great with the horses, a fantastic rider/trainer, and provides excellent care. She competes FEI and trains with Olivia Lagoy-Weltz. Would trust her with my horse any day.


See, that’s cool! I was unaware of Olivia Lagoy Welts until now.

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Olivia is amazing - will probably be on the short list for the Olympics - and probably ride in Tokyo! and a very nice person on top of it!


I would consider an eventing barn, especially if the care is really good. That’s helpful information about the traffic; I know it’s bad generally in the area but am not familiar with the worst areas.

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Thank you to everyone who’s replied! I have a few new places to check out now.

if you can head south on Route 15, I would go to Mountain Vista Farm, the trainer/owner there is Britta Johnston and if you really want to get good, thorough training, that is where I advise you go. Horses there are meticulously cared for with awesome turn out (she believes horses should live more out then in) and amazing arenas and footing.

I believe she is within 40 minutes of you and the good thing is with NOVA traffic you would be heading the opposite ways of traffic during rush hour and it is a very easy drive.

I have trained with Britta full time for 3 years and on and off since buying our farm. The nice thing is, she also holds clinics, fix-a-test and much more at her farm with other trainers.


Wildfire Farm in Lovettsville (Mary Flood) would be in your driving range.

If they get the ferry back open, there are a couple of barns on the Maryland side of the river that fit what you want. Wyndham Oaks in Boyds, MD and Lock’s Edge in Poolesville, MD would be around a half hour (non-rush hour) depending on where in Leesburg you are living/working.

I believe Felicitas is up in Woodbine MD (unless she is now teaching somewhere regularly in Dickerson???)

Olivia goes to Florida for the winter if that is a factor for you.

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Good catch! Don’t know why I was thinking Dickerson.

Locks Edge looks absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t know there was a ferry, now I do!

Locks Edge is a lovely facility, but small, so there’s usually no openings. Wyndham Oaks is bigger, and also excellent, with several available trainers (resident and itinerant). The ferry is currently closed though due to a dispute, and I would not bet on it for travel across the potomac. That being said, I know several people that commute from virginia to these maryland barns because they are closer that what’s available in virginia with the standard of care and training they are looking for (they are further south, though). If you go north of leesburg then going up to Point of Rocks to come down on the maryland side isn’t so bad :slight_smile:


Adriane Alvord at FairView. Stunning facility and she’s extremely talented and kind. One of the best people Ive ever met.


Another vote for Ampara Visser - she’s amazing.

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