Dressage coats

I’m in the market for a new dressage coat and I see a lot of great looking coats but they say they are for “hunters, jumpers, and eventers” and not dressage. They look like what I’ve previously purchased as a dressage coat (two vents in the back, softshell or mesh, four buttons in front, etc) So, what’s the difference?

I don’t think there is much of one, anymore. I use the same coats for everything. As long as it’s a permitted color, you can wear it for dressage.


Ah, and there-in lies the skill of the copy writer…

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There is no difference anymore. Dressage coats used to be longer and typically had 4 buttons instead of 3, but that’s long gone out the window. Find a jacket you love, wear it to a show and - presto - it’s a dressage coat :grinning:


Try googling dressage frock coat. Quite a few options will pop up. I have one by RJ Classics. It’s a little longer and has four buttons instead of three.