Dressage Extensions Bit Trial Program

I’m looking for a new bit to try on my guy, and I noticed that Dressage Extensions has a trial program on a few of their bits. Has anyone had any experience using this program? TIA

Yes, I tried out a few and found it very helpful, especially since I was spending nearly $300.

Thanks Larkspur. :slight_smile: How long of a trial did they give you? I am thinking about taking 2 bits out on trial.

Yes. I did it for a Herm Sprenger snaffle. It was worth the small additional cost to me in order to gave the option to return it if it didn’t work.

It was a two week trial, and I ended up keeping the bit.

FYI - Bit of Britain also offers this, although their selection is more limited. http://www.bitofbritain.com/Herm_Sprenger_Bit_Rental_Program_s/357.htm

I have used the bit trial program. They are really nice. They told me they would extend the time with a phone call if needed. I didn’t end up needing it though. My first choice worked well for my girl’s first double! Highly recommend Dressage Extensions! They are great!

Awesome! Thank you all!

I found a similar bit to the one I’m looking at on Ebay for a really good price, so I went ahead and ordered it, and plan to take an additional one out on trial from Dressage Extensions. I have always loved their customer service and products…I do wish they would carry a better range of sizes in their tack though. (it’s hard to find Dressage Tack at times for my Arab).

Overall, I just love to shop with them!