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Dressage Forum Disappearing

Dressage Forum disappears. I go read the Dressage section…go to other sections, then in the “hamburger” next to my login name, there is no dressage section. This has happened a number of times on both a Windows and Mac computer

Interestingly, when I went to post this, the MB thread showed up under “Training.” So I went back to the hamburger, and there is now a new forum called “Training.” All the usual topics found in Dressage showed up there.

If there are no new posts, the forum won’t appear on your hamburger menu. They reorder based on what has the most unread when you click.

If you’d like to see all the forums listed in order, you can do that here:


I kinda figured that things reordered in the hamburger as I see the categories moving around, but I found it interesting that it (whatever “it” is) relabeled the category of what is “Dressage” and called it “Training.”

Maybe something in the forum software translated French “Dressage” to English “Training”?

Yeah, that’s definitely a weird one. With the software update coming up, maybe there was something happening behind the scenes, under the hood. If you see that again, it might be helpful to snag a screenshot to share here?

Happened again this AM

Wow…I have no clue what’s going on there! Thank you for getting the screen shots. The tech folk have their hands full this weekend with rolling out an update for the new site, but please keep me updated next week if you continue to see this issue (or if anyone else does!) and we’ll dig in to figuring it out.

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If/when you see this occur again, could you click on the big C in the upper left to go to the Forums home page and see if the Dressage forum is there, either as Dressage or Training?


Thx for suggestions…I did that and the Dressage forum appears under the main forum index as Dressage…and now when I go back to hamburger, the forum list there shows the category as “Dressage.”

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Just out of curiosity, do you have any translation utilities installed in your browser? Like, if you go to a website in another language, do you have something installed that automatically translates it?

Apps??? Nope…that is way above my pay grade. If I need something translated, Google translate is my go-to.

Its baaaaack!