Dressage Getaway?

Have a b-day coming up and FINALLY got me a truck and trailer. Would really love to take a sort of “dressage” getaway. I live in a small area and drive an hour and a half to see my trainer now.

Would love to visit a nice dressage facility for several days, maybe a week(?), and be able to take twice daily lessons - one on my 5 yr old schooling 1st level, and one on a safe schoolmaster. I live just under 7 hours from Ocala and would be willing to make the drive. Wondering if anyone could recommend any dressage facilities/trainers in that area or Pensacola even, that could offer that sort of thing?

Elizabeth Poulin is in Milton. I have not been there or ridden with her but it looks to be a nice facility. She was doing haul ins & mini training packages before covid so it would be worth checking out.

You could try Ally Rogers in Ocala.

I’ve ridden with her before. She’s based in Wellington now.

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The Janssens in Cantonment/Molino might be an option.

Pro: covered arena
Con: Cantonment doesn’t have much of a getaway feel

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I was actually looking at them online, but did not know anyone familiar with them or the facility.

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They are very responsive to inquiries. I’m unsure if they would have suitable horses for lessons. The facilities are a bit of a mixed bag. The covered arena is of course a big deal cause rain. There is also a second outdoor arena that seems to have quite nice fiber footing. The tack room and bathrooms are very nice. The paddocks are smallish but ok. The stalls are rather old and worn in a shedrow, but do have small attached runs. I believe the actual care is excellent.

I’m not familiar enough with their training to say much on that front.

This farm was in my short list when I moved my horse the last time. The location was just too far from my home.

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Jodie Kelly in Destin / Freeport might be an option too. She might be in Wellington for the season as well though

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I didn’t know she moved there, thanks

I wonder what happened to the facility in Milton? I didn’t realize she was going to be in Wellington full time going forward