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Dressage Horses for Sale in Germany

Hello! On horse buying trip in Europe for the next week and a half. Wondering if anyone out there knows of any barns/agents/breeders with stellar young horses for sale in Germany? Working with an agent (and staying at Johan Hinnemann’s barn) but not for another few days. Was trying to get a head start and see if there might be anything else lovely out there that won’t be on the adjenda. Has anyone worked with breeders/sellers in Germany and could provide contact info (FB, website, name and number etc)

HW Farms www.hwfarm.com. The owner breeds lovely horses, not cheap. She bred Selton who will be on the Danish team at WEG. There are two in our barn, both lovely. Not sure where in Germany.

Beautiful horses - I know a few who have purchased through HW and the horses are fantastic as are the people.

I have always wondered… I have communicated with her in the past and the horses are incredible. Are they amateur friendly? I know every horse is an individual, but, are they rideable?

You know, if I win the lottery :-).

From what I have seen rideability is a priority with their horses and they work to get a rider properly matched with an appropriate mount.


They are nice. I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with a few from there and they were super… but out of price range for now. Right now my top contender is a 3 year old stallion from Sandbrink and going to look at a few from dressage-deluxe tomorrow. Also had the amazing experience of spending the day at Johann Hinnemanns stable and watching some of his GP horses school and riding some of his young ones. Super well started horses- even went on a trail ride with them :slight_smile:
bonus- invited to their private party at WEG :smiley:


Maybe Hof Kasselmann even though I has disappointing communications with them. Equus Finest (http://www.equus-finest.de/en/idx.php) seems to have nice horses. Thomas Munch close to Nurnberg had a few nice youngsters. Who is the agent you are working with?

Roni4444, Henrik Brinkmann is the agent who helped find one of the horses I am hoping to bring home (offer accepted, has to pass PPE tomorrow)
The other horse I am hoping to bring back (also pending PPE) I actually found through a classifieds site.

Supreme Sport Horses represents a lot of nice horses in Germany and the owner is a pleasure to deal with. https://www.supremesporthorses.com/


Stefan Blanken - Hepstedt - Very good quality, well started.