Dressage in Northern California (Arcata)

Hi everyone!

I am looking at attending Humboldt State University in the fall (near Arcata and Eureka, CA), but want to continue riding. I do not have my own horse at this time but am an avid dressage rider and also would like to learn/start competing in the hunter/jumpers. I haven’t been able to find any stables within an hour of Humboldt, or Arcata, so wanted to reach out and see if anyone had any suggestions. I am willing to drive a bit, but preferably want to find a stable where I could get lessons within an hour or two of the college. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

Thank you!

I thought I passed a stable in/around Blue Lake a few years ago (last time I was in the area). But good luck, can’t imagine there’s much at all, seems a bit of a wasteland for that kinda thing. But I’m biased, haven’t lived there in decades.

ETA: yep, Blue Lake! http://humboldthorses.proboards.com/thread/661/local-stables! And I’ve only been in the area once in the past 20 years!

The North Coast does have a small CDS chapter that is pretty active. There are a few stables, and even one judge that lives in the area. But it isn’t a huge community, and I don’t know if you’ll find someone who has a lesson horse.

I know the fair grounds has boarding and arenas (covered and outdoors), and several people do board there.

I’d suggest joining that CDS chapter, or reaching out to the chapter chair for more information. It is a pretty small horse community - pretty much everyone knows everyone.