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Dressage Instructor Wanted!

I am looking for a dressage instructor in the Yemassee SC area. I’ve been riding for about 15 years now, mostly hunter/jumper. I’m currently bringing my green 8 y/o mare back into work from an injury. Since she is not able to jump yet, I figured her and I would benefit greatly from dressage lessons.

Hah. My current instructor is moving from Oregon to Aiken in October. I googled your location and Aiken is a 2 hour drive but if you can’t find anything closer let me know and I’ll share her contact info with you.

Good luck.

And BTW, she’s fabulous.

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Do you think she would be willing to travel? Does she have a website or anything I could check out? (:

If you edit your title to an ISO Dressage Trainer Savannah/Charleston you might get more hits. I live in SC but had to do a quick google maps.

From threads in the past that appears to be a hard area to find dressage instruction. If you are able to trailer to Aiken it will give you tons of options.