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Dressage Instructors

I so wish that there was a central place to go for a directory of equine related businesses. Anyway…I am in search of a good dressage barn in the Ocala, Summerfield, Lady Lake area to board my horse and take lessons. Rather the barn be busy, as I miss that social interaction with other riders. I am a solid rider, with a great horse. I work hard, am teachable, and love to learn new skills. Anyone have some suggestions? :):slight_smile:

Contact the local GMO for a list. Ocala is full of trainers. You will still have to look around and try a few because one person’s perfect trainer or barn is not another’s.

Check out STRIDE Ocala online. That is the area’s Dressage organization


Unfortunately, STRIDE does not have a listing of trainers in the area. (I am a member) Many local trainers are not members of a GMO. To compete in upper level shows, a USDF membership thru a GMO is not adequate. You must be a participating member.