Dressage judge search site

New web site provides judge search by name: http://www.dressagedetective.com

…and other more in depth looks such as this Friesian Show Map (zoom out to see whole country) based on published show results over 4 years.

What would you like to see?

  • most popular breed in California
  • most generous judges in FL
  • Breeds at training level vs GP
  • ________?

I have been playing with the names and numbers all afternoon. Very interesting site!

I wonder if it was created by the “Nerd Herd” who did all that dressage related research several years ago?

I would guess it was created by someone in Region 3. What would be interesting is to see everything by region and by breed. And by level. A huge undertaking :wink: The generosity ranking is just a gross average score?