Dressage Legal Bits

Would this bit qualify that it is legal?

Here are the requirements for a legal curb. If the one pictured meets these requirements, it is legal. The snaffle is fine, whether used alone or as a bridoon.

  1. A curb bit must be made of metal or rigid plastic and may be covered with rubber (in manufactured state). Flexible rubber or synthetic materials are prohibited.
  2. The curb mouthpiece must have a minimum diameter of 12 mm where it meets the cheeks.
  3. A curb mouthpiece has no moveable pieces or joints but it may be shaped to allow tongue relief.
  4. Leverage is achieved by having cheeks extend above and below the mouthpiece to which the cheek piece and the rein, respectively, are attached. Bits in which the mouthpiece attaches to the same ring as either the cheek piece or the rein are not permitted as curb bits. The cheeks may be straight or Sshaped.
  5. The mouthpiece may be attached rigidly to the cheeks, may rotate, or slide vertically relative to the cheeks. The lever arm of the curb bit, determined by the length of the cheek below the mouthpiece, shall be no more than 10 cm (3.9 inches). The upper cheek must not exceed five centimeters.