Dressage Legal Tongue Relief Bit Options

Horse has made it very clear he needs tongue relief, what are my best options? I just ordered to try a Myler 33WL only to realize while it’s USDF legal, it’s not USEA Dressage. Currently using a Myler 04 Dee after initially trying single joint loose ring, eggbutt oval double joint, KK Ultra Loose Ring, Myler Loose Ring Comfort Snaffle, Myler Dee Comfort Snaffle. Mouth has been checked by vet who specializes in equine dentistry; horse is very slightly parrot mouthed, but nothing else out of the ordinary.

I just went through this with my green TB. We tried the Herm Sprenger Duo, but he chewed it up before long. They’re also pretty pricey. I found the Shires Blue Alloy Mullen Mouth and he’s much happier with that. It’s way more budget friendly and durable too.