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Dressage routine for costume show

Hello All!

My barn is having a costume fun day where all the lesson kidlets get to dress up their ponies and themselves! It’s not restricted to just the lesson kids though so I’m trying to come up with a plan for my pony and I. We get to make up a routine to whatever music we want. Trying to keep it a surprise for the barn!

He’s a hackney/hackney x , 13.2hh, bay gelding. I just got him at the end of December this year. He’s green to dressage (he was mostly used for trails before I got him but he’s my games pony, and we haven’t gotten around to doing any serious training) so we just need a simple, beginner friendly routine.

My costume ideas so far:

  1. dress him as an airplane, myself as a pilot, and do our routine to Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone. For parts of costume for him as a plane I’m thinking: cardboard or light foam propeller attached to a breastplate, wings around my waist, tail fin attached to a crouper?

  2. dress him in lederhosen and a hat, and I already have a dirndl. Would probably have to sew lederhosen to fit him, haha. Would have ties to secure it to the back of my saddle. Will probably have to sew the hat, too, and have it secure to his bridle. Thinking of doing the routine to Die Flügel der Freiheit (I’m young and a bit nerdy, what can I say!) but not dead set since only parts are german.

Thoughts? Anyone have any basic dressage tests that would do for us?

Pics of us in case they inspire you

His current shiny, summer, coat: http://oi59.tinypic.com/2sb0iko.jpg

Pics of us in action:

Thank you!

I love the pilot airplane costume. If he can handle all that decoration then go for that. AND POST PICS HERE!