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Dressage saddle fitting (coming from jumping)

Iā€™m looking to get an inexpensive dressage saddle, but I am wondering if the measurements of my jumping saddle directly translate to dressage. I have a custom jumping saddle with an extra wide tree (5.25 for my particular brand). Should I be looking for extra wide dressage saddles or are the sizes different because of the different way the saddle is sitting on the horse? Does extra wide jumping (5.25) = extra wide dressage (5.25)? Also, if I ride in a 17" seat in a jumping saddle, does the seat size carry over? Is the flap length also the same regular being 2?

If you can find the same size in the same brand that should work. However every brand sizes trees differently.

Seat size is trickier. If the dressage saddle is open and flat you might take the same seat size. If the saddle is deep seat and big thigh blocks you might need a bigger seat size.

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I generally go up 1/2ā€ to 1ā€ from a jumping saddle to a dressage saddle. It really depends on the model and style - a deep seated dressage saddle will ride smaller.

It all depends.

In one brand of jumping saddle, a 36 cm tree (XW) is too narrow for my horse but in a different brand of dressage saddle 36 cm tree fits and 38 is too wide and another brand dressage saddle the XW tree is too narrow.

For myself, I can ride in an 17.5ā€ or 18ā€ seat jumping saddle with a more forward flap and a 18.5ā€ or 19ā€ moderately deep seated dressage saddle.