Dressage saddle for small Arab mare and petite rider

There’s probably a lot of posts regarding dressage saddles for Arabians…any latest recommendations? Presently riding in a med tree Thornhill Vienna, but this mare does not need a hoop tree, and even the medium is too big. And I hate the wide twist…no support for me. Looking for something that won’t break the bank. Considering a new Wintec Isabel (I like a narrow twist) or a Thorowgood T8 (but I think the twist is too wide for me on this one…heard they are wide twist saddles.)

There are some dressage style endurance saddles that might be worth a look. They tend to have a shorter flap and are often suited to Arabian backs. The two that come to mind are Lovatt & Ricketts and Black Country, in which case you would be looking at used to stay on budget, but I think you’ll notice a difference in the balance and fit vs. one of the lower cost brands. If your mare is more curvy front to back you might check out used Stubbens. Photos and more info about your horse’s shape and length of back would help with more specific recs.

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I ride mine in a County. She has a very flat back and it fits her well.

Curvy or flat back? My pony of unknown breeding (with some araby characteristics) is going well in a passier young rider

If your mare is short coupled, the T8 will be too long. It looked like a sectional sofa on my pony.

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Here is a photo.

How funny - sounds so familiar. My barn owner has an Arab and is petite - she has an Albion Platinum Ultima.

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I have a Morgan mare that is short backed, curvy, but also does not need a hoop tree. I ended up with Takt TSD-37. This is going to cost more than a Wintec, but I wanted to throw out this option as your mare sounds similar in shape to mine.