Dressage saddles with small blocks?

I’m having a heck of a time trying to find a saddle. My beloved Crosby sadly doesn’t fit my horse right.

My mare has a short, straight back and wide shoulders with virtually no withers, and needs a saddle that has ample padding in the rear gussets that sits flat on her back. My Crosby’s padding scoops up along the back, causing kind of a rocking issue on her.

Finding a saddle with padding hasn’t been an issue at all. My problem is… I have a terrible time riding in saddles with large blocks. I’ve always ridden in flatter saddles, like my Crosby and older Stubbens, so large blocks just drive me insane. But it seems every saddle I’ve found with the padding I want for my horse has giant rolls and blocks. And every saddle that has smaller blocks has padding that scoops up in the back.

Can anyone recommend some brands/models that have smaller rolls? Unfortunately, I have zero saddle fitters in my area and the nearest consignment shop is a good 2+ hours away, so I’m relying on the internet to find a saddle I like. I was looking at the Duetts because it looks like they have removable rolls, but I’m concerned that the saddle flap is shaped around the roll and removing/replacing it will cause issues with how it sits.

I’m working with a budget of $1200 MAX, preferably less, which is easily doable. It just means I can’t exactly go ordering a custom fit!

This is why people end up in larger search sizes for dressage saddles. If the blocks are in your way, the saddle is too small for you. Try a bigger seat size in a saddle you know fits your horse well and see if it’s better!

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Keep your eye out for a very well-used Black Country Equinox! Technically an endurance saddle but take off the extra rings and no one can tell. Fits my horse with a flat back and lots of shoulder movement GREAT. The thigh blocks are tiny. In fact, now that my leg has gotten “longer” they don’t really do much at all for me anymore.

Your budget will make finding one difficult as they retail for over $5000. But it is possible – I snagged mine for $1500.

Wintec Pro. The blocks are Velcro so you can adjust or remove them altogether. They tend to fit the wider flat backs really well. I’ve used them on a few and they’ve been a godsend for someone who was used to riding in a Stübben Special with quarter panels and zero knee rolls/blocks. And fwiw, people (REMT, vets, farrier) who have put hands on the backs of those horses cannot believe that degree of excellent muscling was achieved in a Wintec.

No saddle fitter necessary if you buy the CAIR and the shim system. The instructions will walk you through fitting and adjusting.

Editing to add - also the fitting tool and appropriate gullet plates. I seem to remember there was some sort of deal when I bought mine - all the extras thrown in for not that much extra.

Thank you for the suggestions! I know a lot of people love Black Country’s so I’ve definitely been keeping my eye out, but they really don’t come down in price too much.

I tried a Wintec 500, I love the customizable options! Sadly it didn’t work for my horse, the angle of the flaps didn’t mesh with her shoulder motion.

Try a thorowgood T4. Also has Velcro blocks so they can be moved/removed. has adjustable gullets and is wool flocked.

Have you looked at a Smith Worthington Mystic or a Dover Circuit? The Circuit is well within your price range and has adjustable blocks. The Mystic is only slightly above your price range new and could likely be found be used.



If you can get a Pro on trial, go for it. The 500 and the Isabel are different animals.