Dressage sales barn - Mtn West/West Coast/Southwest?

I’m early in my search for a new dressage partner. Can anyone recommend some good sales barns to keep an eye on in Mtn West, Southwest or West Coast?
Not looking for an upper level prospect or a top-tier price tag.

It feels a bit tacky to promote my own business but well, I’m doing it anyway. I own Global Equestrian Imports in Gilroy, California. I’m the business manager and based out of Europe and my partner is Allida Taylor, who does all of the training in California. Our horses run the gamut in type/size/price, from Warmbloods to Iberian horses. The imported horses are generally more expensive because it costs more to acquire them but sometimes are have domestic horses that come in to the sales barn. Our focus is safe, sane, and trainable, so anything for sale in our barn will be amateur safe and often beginner safe, if that is a concern. We have a trip to Europe planned next month so we will be adding some
horses soon and we also do trips to Europe with clients to help them search.


Best of luck with your search!


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I am a palomino aficionado, have been since i was 4 years old :smile: Your horses: lovelies all! I hope you collected Thomas before you gelded him.

I saw a nice mare at a very low price on the craigslist in Albuquerque. 14, Not upper level but hunts and looks ammy friendly. I don’t know her or the owner, but she may be worth a look?

Thank you! We always have palominos and buckskins. My partner is obsessed with palominos, too.

We didn’t collect Thomas! We are ruthless about what we would breed. I think we’re still a few years away from breeding palominos to palominos. He’s a nice horse but I think if someone wants a palomino, they are better off breeding from a cremello and the most spectacular chestnut available. That way we can build a bigger genetic pool, with nicer horses, and the palominos will be able to compete on the same level with their non-golden counterparts. Once we’re caught up to that, we can start breeding the cream-gene horses together. Thankfully, some of the German breeding programs are lending some seriously nice stock to the endeavor.

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