Dressage Show Jackets for Very Short Riders

We have two ladies (I’m one of them) who are about 5" tall with short torsos. We both look like we’re wearing our big sister’s clothes in our show jackets. Even the new shorter length doesn’t help much because the waist and pockets are too low and hit us on the upper hip making the whole jacket ride up. Does anyone have any ideas if there is a manufacturer out there who makes a “Short” model in dressage jackets? I’m sure we would both be happy to “special order” a jacket as well, if we only knew who to contact.

I’m 5’2" and fairly short waisted. My dressage jacket is by FITS and it fits well in the torsoi just had to shorten the sleeves.
My hunter coat is a child’s size large, which are shorter and I didn’t have to do any alterations.

The Pikeur Scarlett almost fit me and came in the brown I want. It still had that bulge in the small of my back where it gets bunched up because my torso is too short.

I’m going to have a coat custom made and it’s going to end up being about 1/2 the price of the Pikeur, so seems a good deal to me!

I ended up with an RJ Classics coat - they come in short sizes. I’m not short, but have a short waist and the coat fit me nicely. Pikeurs fit nicely as well, but I was looking for something less costly. :slight_smile:

Arista jackets are very short.

I also have a Kerrits that is not too long

Mine is Cavallo, but I still needed to get it altered. Took it to a shop that makes high end custom men suit.

Pikeur scarlett

I’m short and short waisted, I actually wear a kids coat. I was in the tack store the other day and tried on a Noel Asmar, that looked fabulous and fit like glove, just pricey.

Another option is to find a good tailor and have your coat altered. I too am short waisted, but tall.

I am 5’1", very short waisted and found a youth dressage coat that fits fairly well. Unfortunately it’s a beautiful pure wool and really warm. I also have the RJ Classsic short coat but the waist, pockets and skirt are just that bit too long. I show so seldom I don’t think I’ll bother getting it altered. I have a mental image of myself looking elegant and beautifully tailored but I know it’s fantasy!