Dressage stallions that will shorten the back?

My mare tends to throw foals with longer backs. Any dressage stallions specifically known for shortening the back?

Rousseau tends to make compact horses. However it is unlikely you can find semen from him but he has many approved sons and grandsons. It can be hard looking at pictures of stallions that you cannot see in the flesh since so many of the pictures show them as 2 and 3 year olds. And when they mature they tend to get longer.

Schroeder will shorten a back. You should also look at the new stallion to America this year Five Star.


Fidertanz is very well known for shortening the back

also important to know what is her pedigree. and what is her exterieur/type.

i bet when the back is too long there are other points you want to improve. angulations of the joints ?

sometimes the the back isnt to long, but are the hindquatres and the neck to short. then the back looks longer.

so what do you mean with back?

as a horse has 3 parts, the forehand, middlehand, and backhand.

forehand from top of head/atlas till withers, middlehand is from withers and loin , and backhand is the croupe.

you always come in the german bloodlines, especially in the pedigree the older german hannoverian/holstein/oldenburg stallions, like florestan I, brentano II, werther, and no problem that such stallions are going back on older jumperlines were lord raimond consul cottage sun,

also in dressage breeding is it way better to breed back on jumperblood as they have the power from behind and good types, they can collect in their movement.

so you have to find a stallion who breeds a good type and come from the lines that uniform trow the type you want to breed.

ferro and his sons give shorter types, but if there are other stallions in front who trow longer backs and weak hindquatres, then you dont get the short type, as the genes of ferro are to far away.


Can you contact a breed registry for this question?