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"Dressage Tests View From A" missing from ADS new website

Can anyone tell me where to find “Dressage Tests View From A” on the new website?

These were available to members in the member section on the ADS website. Here is a screenshot of old members area where I followed the link: Dressage Test (A). The page was labeled “Dressage Tests View From A”. The tests were color coded and showed each movement.

I can still access the old member log in but the links to the files do not work. The new members area has links to dressage tests but they are the regular ones. Any ideas or suggestions?

Has anyone had any luck locating this? Would happily buy a book if available.

Worked for me - if you go to the “driver’s hub” section, there are a bunch of different sections, and one towards the bottom is dressage tests.

If you log in, you can see the “view from A” tests, and otherwise, just the tests without the drawings.

It also looks like they FINALLY got the omnibus up to date. Really frustrating this summer when you couldn’t see anything about shows past June.

Other folks talking about this say you need to be an ADS member to log in and see or print the View From A. Recent changes in the website removed this information, now it has been added again as part of the update. Again, you need to be an ADS member to get in.

If you want to purchase the book, it is available from the ADS for $19.95. They will sell the book to anyone.

Omnibus is also supposed to be available online now, with the updated website. As with any new website, there are bound to be some issues to work out, so keep checking and trying, to locate information you need.

All this information is on a recent post on the CD-L from Tracey Morgan, Chair of the Driven Dressage Committee.

If you are are an ADS member, forgot your login password, you will need to contact the ADS to get it again. This Member / Password sign in part was news to me, they hadn’t needed us to use a password to get in, in the past.

Thanks. Found it. (I am a member)

More information was added to find View From A, at the ADS site.

After logging in with your ADS Member password to My ADS, you need to go to Events, then Resources, to find the View information.