Dressage trainers and lease horses in Boulder CO?

I find myself once again in need of a horse and a trainer. I have appointments set up to try lessons at Pferdehof and Caduceus (sorry if those aren’t spelled correctly) - I was wondering if anyone was familiar with them or other trainers in the area? And how do you go about assessing a new trainer? I don’t know a ton about dressage but I know that not all instructors are created equal.

I’m also hoping to find a horse to half-lease - doesn’t need to be fancy as I’m just looking for something I can learn from and do a solid training-2nd level test on so if any of you have ideas of where I might find such a horse I would LOVE to hear from you.

Look up Dawn Fisher. She was my trainer in Boulder (now she is in Longmont – I haven’t been in Boulder since 2006) and she is brilliant. This is the Facebook page she’s made for her thing now. https://www.facebook.com/ReciprocalRiding.

oh god…