Dressage training and boarding in Colorado Springs

Hi everyone!

I’m thinking about attending UCCS in CO Springs for college this fall, and will be bringing my horse with me. She’s a 4 year old Haflinger mare, and I’m going to need her in a training program. I mainly want to get a solid foundation in dressage on her, but don’t need anything really fancy. I’m looking at places to board, and the main one I found is Sun Prarie Stables. However, they seem very fancy and expensive (does anyone know the cost of training and board there?) so I’m looking at other options. I need a barn where I can have her in some kind of training program and where I can get dressage lessons, since I won’t have a trailer. Any suggestions? Please include price if you know it, and the websites if there are any.

Thanks so much!

Sun Prairie is very good. Not any more expensive than other places in the area. Simone Ahern is excellent.

Another vote for Simone Ahern. She is very approachable and down-to-earth, knows her stuff and trains a lot of different breeds.

Beware of trainers in the area who have no credentials or show records.

Another thumbs up for Simone and Sun Prairie.