Dressage training/boarding in Bozeman, Montana

Hi everyone!

(I just posted a similar post about stables in CO Springs, because I’m also thinking of a college there. So if it looks familiar that’s why!)

I’m thinking about attending MSU in Bozeman for college this fall, and will be bringing my horse with me. She’s a 4 year old Haflinger mare, and I’m going to need her in a training program. I mainly want to get a solid foundation in dressage on her, but don’t need anything really fancy. I need a barn where I can have her in some kind of training program and where I can get dressage lessons, since I won’t have a trailer. I’d really like a laid back atmosphere, and currently am looking at the Bridger Canyon Stallion Station (and Chrissy Robinson) as my number 1 option, but wanted some other choices as well if anyone knows of other stables that have a dressage trainer who teaches there.
Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!