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Drill Tap Cost

I asked my farrier the cost to add drilling/tapping onto my guys shoes so I can plan for down the road. The cost he gave was high I feel, but it has been a long time since I last drilled and tapped, so I may just have been out of the game for too long to know going rate.

Wondering what everyone else is paying for drilling/tapping on top of the normal price of shoes all around.

I think it has generally been an extra $10-$20. ETA-- total.

I’m in Massachusetts and it’s an additional $25 (total, not per shoe.) I always drill and tap all 4.

My farrier, a CJF in Kentucky, doesn’t charge any extra.

In Southern California though, probably 15 years ago, I had a super expensive farrier. He charged $50 to drill and tap.

My farrier charges $10/shoe, so $40 total.

No added charge, apprentices do the drilling and tapping while he moves on, takes them well under 5 minutes per shoe. I supply the plugs. Previous master farrier 10 years ago and now retired charged extra $10 for rears, but he worked alone.

Mine charges 10 for all four, but she’s pretty reasonable in general.

The quote I was provided was $30-$50 more for fronts and $60-$100 more for rears which seems very high to me - at least $100 more all around.

I am not sure why it would not be a set price? I think farrier may have misunderstood the question when my BO asked. I will be getting clarification before moving forward with anything…


Wow, that is high just to drill and tap! What does this farrier charge you just for 4 shoes, sans stud holes? I’m paying $220 down here in SC.

$165. We are in Alabama. I think there has to be a miscommunication in what I was asking about, but wanted to check I wasn’t off base before bringing it up again.

You guys are so high!! I pay $110 for a reset, $120 for new, $10 extra total for drilled.

For four shoes? Wow, that is cheap.

That’s the standard price in the midwest.

As of last year, $215 for plain steel all around (same price for new vs. reset, does whatever is necessary), $70 to drill/tap all four, in very expensive area (DC metro.) Overall price for four has gone up $10 this year, but I haven’t had anyone drilled/tapped yet this season so not sure if that’s gone up as well.