Driving at Biltmore

A group of Driving friends is interested in visiting Biltmore.
Is it possible to drive on the estate?
Where would you stable

Here is the link to where we stayed and took our horses. Not sure why they wouldn’t let drivers there.


The Bring Your Horse section does mention trails suitable for carriages.
:crossed_fingers:A stay is not too rich for our blood.
Vanderbilt’s we ain’t :smirk:

Are there any B&Bs near the estate?
Specifically somewhere we can bring horses.

For some reason I thought Biltmore was carriage friendly… For sure blowing rock is carriage friendly and that’s in the same area. Fjord and friends does an annual weekend there in June (I think) and I’ve seen a few non Fjords in the mix.

But your best bet is to look up the trail driving section on ads, that should give you more info.

I emailed Biltmore & got a call (voicemail) back telling me driving is not really available for guests.
I know I’ve seen videos posted by people driving on the estate.

Maybe locals?

Turns out, my Driving friends are really looking for a getaway sans horses.
So we are thinking maybe Mackinac Island, which is not so far.

Love Mackinac!!! Been there 4 times over the years. Pricey, touristy but if you get away from the main downtown area, not too bad. Rent bikes or take your own, if inclined and ride the shore road around the island. Also, if really want to drive, there is the drive your own buggy, did that years ago before i had my driving horse, but had taken lessons, so crew like the fact someone actually knew what they were doing, although mostly only walk, but hey I was driving and was with a horse!!! Had just sold my horse before that trip, so the desperation had settled in!!! Also on previous trip, did a trail ride with my husband. Last time i was there, 2 years ago, stayed at Small Point B&B, it is at the east end of the town. 2Dogs - this was on the same trip when i had hoped to meet up with you at Villa Louis.

No matter what you end up planning, have a good time with your friends!!!

@cabz Maybe Villa Louis this year?
Planning on an abbreviated show - Thursday-Saturday - if friends don’t bail on me :pray:

Thanks for the tip on Mackinac B&B & the review.
If we go & take the DIY carriage, it will be relaxing to have a self-driving, Roomba kind of horse :sunglasses:

Sorry 2Dogs, the trip to Villa Louis in 2019 is probably my one and only. I did do Walnut Hill twice with my horse and brought home ribbons!!! Sorry, had to brag!!!

Never know, might get to Mackinac again, as we have friends who live about 2 hours from it, but the border will have to open and you know the rest etc. etc. etc!!! Last time we were there was early September and i think it was not quite as busy as when we have been in August, that might also be a thought for timing.

At least i can go ride and drive my girl, did a ride last nite with my BO and the other boarder with some adult beverages to start!!!

NEVER apologize for a Brag! :laughing:
Especially from a legit show like Walnut Hill!
My best ribbons with Bugs are from County Fair & best thing about them is cash payback, so I can get my corndog fix :sunglasses:

I second Blowing Rock. We used to take a couple of pairs of Fresians up every year and drive around the estate of Moses Cone.

We would rent stalls and depart from the stables and head onto the park system.

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Mackinac Island is a great getaway! Have not been in a while though. You might check for seasonal discounts after Labor Day when the main tourist season ends. I second riding bikes to cover ground, otherwise it can be a long walk or surrey fees to drop you places. The “U-Aim-It” buggy rentals are nice to view the entire Island. When driving, READ the road signs, BELIEVE what you read! There are a couple roads for brakes-only vehicles, almost straight down!! May also be one-way traffic. Horses may be thinner towards fall, been working all season, extremely fit but not fat. They get well fed, but used daily they can startle people by showing some ribs.

May only be Sunday, but the breakfast/luncheon buffet at The Grand Hotel was to die for! You do have to check on that, may still have a simple dress code, like no ripped jeans. Great way to get to view the inside! So elegant. We stayed at The Inn years ago, it was quite nice, breakfast included, near the town part, so closer to the commercial stables where our horses were. Up the Hill, out behind The Grand Hotel, so a bit of a hike to feed mornings. Driving group was invited up to add atmosphere back then. No rental stables for personal horses like they have now and the commercial barn had room as they had started shipping unneeded horses off-island for winter. HUGE tie stalls that our big horses look little in! Ha ha . Take summery AND cold weather clothing for Sept. We used both while there. It snowed for a few minutes on the cold day! Pulled out the wool horse coolers to wrap up in!! Then it got warm again, no jackets at all in the midday. All on the same day! Breezy most times there in the Straits. Visit the new carriage barn/museum. The article I read about it was real interesting and great photos. Not sure if stables at The Grand are still there to visit or the new place keeps their horses now.

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