Driving Days Recently

Weather here has been very nice recently. It really warmed up after the Lake Effect snowstorms
last weekend. It seems everyone else in the family got more snow than we did. Brother in Kalamazoo got 21", while another brother near Traverse City got about 10". We only got about 3" and east of us had very little snow.

This week of warm and dry, we were able to get in some short outings down the road, dressed in ORANGE to be very noticable. We did discuss using a set of pole bells i had new leather put on. Just not sure how noisy they would be. Can the horse hear commands? Ha ha Horses seemed to enjoy being out, very forward, “how fast can we walk?” without being rude about it. They are pretty well fuzzed up, didn’t want them sweaty to need cooling off.

The main Pair got their winter shoe package on, just in case. Snow rim pads and ice studs. Guaranteed traction on all surfaces! Everyone else is barefoot. We did a bit of a grooming day to create bridlepaths, trim legs and hairy hooves so they dry quicker after being out in the snow and mud. I shortened tails a couple weeks ago, just combed them all out. They look nice, lots thicker with the newly cut, blunt ends. Not doing the hot-water bucket, soak off ice balls, times nine, this year!

Not much grazing because of lack of fall rain. Soil is damp now, just not warm enough to grow much grass. But they diligently hunt for any growth after finishing their hay. Got the winter tanks and heaters out. So far no ice with just covering tanks at night, even with some temps in the teens. Sure saves on the electric!

Hope you folks can get some fun out driving, before winter shuts us down.


Club got in a final drive mid-month at Bass Lake, during the stretch of nice days we had.
That I missed, waiting for fencing repair guy.
But, broken line is spliced, wobbly posts cemented & fencing secured for Winter.
Knowing myself, Bugs has probably finished his driving until Spring. I am a Cold Weather Wuss. :unamused:
I declared Muzzle Season ended last week.
My pastures are grazed down & grass looks pretty dead.
Bugs misses his Put It On treat, but seeing him sound is reward for me :sunglasses:

Enjoy your Winter drives!
Maybe we’ll GTG at Topeka again when it warms up.
Or: I may be at their sale in January.
Not for me, but Club President is looking.
BTW: he’s already sold both the wrecks he bought at that auction.
One - the one he left there & in the worst condition - to a guy who wanted to give to a daughter who drives :open_mouth:
Hope she accepts gracefully, or has beaucoup bucks to spend restoring it!