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Driving pony cart help?

My entire life I’ve been around horses, but of all the things I have done, driving has never been something I have done. I am also lucky enough to have qualified for a large beauty pageant in my area, but I have to make a parade float. I thought it would be cute to incorporate horses into my float to show a bit more individuality. I have the cutest idea, but a limited budget. I have five horses, one of them being a pony that used to drive for her former owner. I believe I have found a harness for her, but now I need a cart. Does anyone know where I could get a very small cheap cart, or if I could build one. I will decorating the cart rather extravantly. Because of the way I want my cart to look, I would rather build one. would building one be too hard, if not does anyone have any tips for getting started or what I will need? If I can’t build one, does anyone know where I could find one on the cheaper side that I could fix up?

How long has it been since pony was driven?
& how much prep time before your pageant?

For a lot of driving horses/ponies it’s not a skill they can take right up again after not being driven.
And even the steadiest. experienced driving horse may not accept being hitched to an “extravagantly decorated” vehicle.

Can you contact the former owner for some help?

“Cheap” & “Cart” are not terms that s/b used in the same sentence by anyone considering driving.
And harness fit is just as important as saddle fit - get someone who knows to check fit on your pony.
As a relative Newb to Driving myself, my advice is to forget about cheap & find yourself a knowledgeable driver.
Said driver can make sure both you & pony complete that pageant in one piece!


^ this but I would stress - knowledgeable trainer is needed to work pony … fit your harness to pony and find you a [B]sturdy = solid cart …
honestly this sounds like an accident waiting to happen

If you truly want to do this all the variables need to be checked out completely.

Your driving

to ensure safety of the pony, you and ALL THE PARADE PARTICIPANTS AND SPECTATORS … REALLY !

Congratulations but please be careful ![/B]


Thank you! I didn’t even think about if she would NOT want to drive, but it would be my luck that she had a pony moment. I will rethink, and maybe ask around to see if anyone has a horse and cart I could lease out.

Sigh… :rolleyes:
“Pony Moment” is the least of your worries.
A runaway driving horse can injure not only the driver & passengers but the pony herself, not to mention you can easily end up with a driverless runaway animal with attached battering ram.
Harness does not quick-release from vehicle EVER & that is for a reason.

And as for you leasing: ONLY if that means you intend to have the owner drive you in the cart.

I too have been around horses “all my life” (which now = 60+yrs) & as a recent - ~5yrs - Driver can tell you it is nothing like hopping on a strange horse just to test the gears.
Before you pick up the lines to sit behind a driving horse you best better have some training from someone with experience,

I really do not mean to Rain on Your Parade (literally) but I have seen wrecks with experienced drivers that do not end well.


Even if one of my horses pulled me,I wouldn’t be the one driving. As much as I would love to add driving to my list of things I can do, I just don’t think six months would give me enough time to be good enough or confident enough in my skills. So, no worries there.

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:smiley: BigSighOfRelief!
Good on you!
Hope you can find a willing driver & horse/pony combo that will let you decorate to your heart’s desire & win that pageant! :encouragement:

COTH Requirement: Pics if you do :cool:

^ this ^ !

Of course! Thank you so much for your help!

And don’t forget to post picture if you do it! :smiley: