Driving Today?

Temps are quite warm here, for winter. Grey but not raining. Wondered if anyone was going to get in a drive?

Dirt has unthawed again, so everyone is wearing a full body, mud masque. No wonder horses look so youthful! Tails at least are still flowing and not solidly caked. Got them shortened just in time!

Happy Holidays to everyone, and all their furry friends and equines.

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Well, I was hoping for a bit of snow so I could take the sled out, but it’s pouring out right now. Hope you have a nice Christmas goodhors!

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Too chilly & windy for me, the admitted Wuss :crazy_face:
If Bugs would harness & hitch himself & come knocking on the door, maybe

:crossed_fingers:Horses resist the urge to bread themselves in mud today.

Merry Christmas to you & yours!


Merry Christmas all and Happy New Year!!

The temps haven’t been too bad in Ontario, just below freezing with a small amount of snow to cover the ground. We haven’t driven for a bit, but I have ridden on and off when I can (took one of my driving ponies to a Beth Underhill jumper clinic last month and we had a blast!).

My husband is going to sell his snowmobile as its been difficult for him to find snow close to home (always has to trailer north) and due to COVID, its hard to stop at restaurants on the trail when so many are closed or needing a vaccine passport etc.

The good news is, he wants to take the pair out to his brothers to drive in his indoor all winter. So a long road trip (1.5hr one way) once in a while to keep the pair going, so that will be fun! I just did a trace clip on the boys so they are ready to work :slight_smile:

For Christmas I received a Pivo so I plan on trying it out in the indoor to see how it can capture us driving and I’ll set it up on a standard at home to try to get some video of us over fences. A picture of one of our driving ponies at home and then later at the clinic. We hope to get to a bunch of CDE’s and Pleasure shows this year so fingers crossed!