Drop Down Forum Options

Until today, the Olympic forum was showing up in the options when I click on the hamburger lines to use the drop-down. But now it seems to have disappeared. Did something happen?

I’m not exactly sure how the software prioritizes the forums you see first there, but see how it says “13 more” after Categories? There are more categories, but they didn’t make the cut for display according to the algorithm.

It’s still accessible by clicking on Categories from there…or the big C, which will take you to the home page…or by clicking on the category/forum name when you’re in any forum (that’ll give you a drop-down menu of all the forums that you can jump to from there.)

I can do it the long way, which is what I’ve been doing for the last few days. But it does seem much more cumbersome. And I’m just curious as to why it suddenly changed the other day, since the Olympic forum was showing up in that selection until then.

I mostly only visit a few of the forums anyway, so I would sort of think my regular stops would pop up at the top of the heap.

The Categories listed in the hamburger menu list are supposedly populated for each user according to this priority:

  1. Watched categories
  2. Tracked categories
  3. Watching first post categories
  4. User’s top categories
  5. Site’s top categories

I don’t see how that would change what you’re seeing over the course of the week, however. Maybe if there isn’t new activity since you checked last?

I know it’s not particularly helpful advice, but you can also click on your New posts list from the hamburger menu, and if you’re following a thread in the Olympics category, you can click on the category name under that thread title to go to that category.

Wish I could be of more help!

Obviously it is very much a first world problem. It’s just a bit of a technology head scratcher, that’s all. Thanks!!

It’s always looked like that list populates based on number of new posts to me? Mine is sorted most to least, and so is the list in the OP. Forums with no new posts fall off the list? :thinking:

But it does not seem like that should apply to the Olympic forum, especially in the last couple of days when the posts on the show jumping thread have been quite frequent.

It looks like there were no new posts since your last visit on that forum, though. No new posts since the last visit, and the forum falls off the list.