Duracell PowerBlock

Costco has these gas less generator. Anybody have one? Do you recommend?

I’ll have a go since no one else has. I see it as just an expensive big battery that doesn’t really generate electricity. It just stores it in a chemical form until you need it, and then runs it through an internal DC to AC converter to give you 110V AC.

What would you be using it for if you do buy one?


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Thanks. Yup, expensive…I was wondering if it would be an alternative to a gas powered generator in hopes I could operate my propane heater (that requires electricity to run) during the next power outage instead of loading 3 dogs and a cat into my truck and evacuating to my daughter’s house…as I did recently. My neighbors use a small gasoline generator for the basics when this happens. It’s very loud. I can survive blackouts pretty well but not when the house goes down to 40 degrees F.

Why are you considering this, instead of a generator?

The electricity in this battery is finite. The generator produces “infinite” electricity as long as you have fuel


I understand the gas generator noise. However, I have owned 3 of them - Yamaha EF2200, Honda EU1000i, and Honda EU7000is. All were super quiet inverter generators. The smaller Honda would take care of your needs and is about $1000, not much more than the Duracell. As long as you have access to gasoline it would keep supplying electricity way beyond the time the Duracell is exhausted. It is so quiet that you can have a normal conversation 10 feet from it.


since OP has propane ,most Honda can be dual fuel… gas or propane



Thanks definitely something to consider.