Dutch Door Hardware

We are buying a two stall barn to put out in one of our paddocks for a couple of retirees. The hardware that comes with the Amish made barn that we are buying isn’t my favorite; it is cheaply constructed, with horseshoe shaped latches with horse heads in them and very curvy, ornate strap hinges. I just want well constructed, classically designed latches and strap hinges for the Dutch doors to the stalls.

We have hinges from Snug Cottage Hardware (www.snugcottagehardware.com) on our arena doors, but want to see if there are other vendors out there that have well made black wrought iron hardware at perhaps a lower price point. Any suggestions?

I like the stuff that Barnware makes:


I have seen their sliding locks in person. They are simple and stout, definitely up to the job of not bending in a horse-induced sh!tstorm.

You need @clanter on that.
He is the real expert on those sources.

Maybe he will help you find what you need, although he is not very active here any more.:no:

@clanter has in the past recommended RW Hardware https://rwhardware.com/download_cat/catalogs/

As in https://www.chronofhorse.com/forum/forum/discussion-forums/around-the-farm/325475-changing-exterior-barn-doors?p=8535505

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I also ran across Brandywine Forge this weekend:


old thread but same answer the RW hardware is the same as it was 140 years ago, it will not wear out.

My company back in the old days was the factory authorized installation company of their industrial hardware on projects around here. Quality products…they have a very heavy duty sliding door hardware setup where a 10,000 pound door can be moved with one hand (stopping it is another story)

They still manufacture the barn hardware in the same styles of the 1880s

On another note I ran across this barn that has used overhead track to hang all of the stall window doors that open to outside… by using a continuous track it make a clean appearance line (and I am sort of amazed at this place being only $1.2M.


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