Dynamic saddles F type

I tried a Dynamic saddle and loved it, but it pressed on my horse’s high withers. I was offered an “F” type, but I can’t find anything out about it. Has anyone heard of them? Opinions?

What questions do you have? My fitter sells them and I should be seeing her soon. I could ask her for you :). I’m interested it trying them as well.

I tried the saddle again and the problem seems to have been resolved. I want to buy the saddle but I’m wondering about the delivery process. Apparently, once it lands in the States and passes inspection, I am responsible for paying shipping and insurance to get it to Canada. I’ve never had to do that before. Has anyone had any warranty issues? Especially from other countries?

I did not need F type saddle (regarding prior post).

I bought a Dynamic saddle in May, absolutely worth it, my position is so much better and its so comfortable, like sitting in a luxury car. My horse loves it too, he has much more freedom in his shoulder now.

I live in Alberta and my saddle was shipped from Florida, I provided Peter (Dynamic Saddles owner) my credit card information to pay for shipping with insurance with UPS, it came to ~$220 US dollars. The saddle took a week to arrive, which I thought was pretty good given COVID. I did have to pay GST on the saddle when it entered Canada, but no duty.

My trainer is a Dynamic rep so I felt pretty confident with the procedure since several people at my barn have purchased saddles from Peter.