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Early Voting to stand at Taylor Made

Looks like they’ve resolved his problem & he will return to stud duties.

I found it interesting that they said they’re counting days on a commercial mare who visited him. That’s crazy early! Maybe it’s going to the southern hemisphere?

might be but maybe it was a test breeding? who knows.

Great breakthrough and great science! Happy for him and both farm teams who worked to ensure his medical care

They were pretty explicit that he’s already settled mares and that this was a commercial mare. Obviously they know more than I do, lol. I’m glad they were able to cure him. It sounds like Coolmore still owns him too? What a bizarre story!

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His issue was not a lack of sperm motility, “he bred 191 mares of which120 are confirmed in foal” , but the growing inability to ejaculate.

" (Early Voting) has been ejaculating on jump mares, and then he’s actually already bred his first commercial mare, so we’re waiting days on a positive pregnancy scan now."

Jump mares aren’t bred. There is no need to test breed him since he has proved fertile when he finishes the job. The technology is indeed, interesting.

@Arzny it does seem a little early. Maybe the mare always gestates for a year+?

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