Easy up supplement rack

I saw this at schnieders https://www.sstack.com/easy-up-supplement-storage-cart/p/42445/

I think it looks wonderful.
My issue is I have a chunk of money from amazon gift cards sitting on amazon, schnieder’s doesn’t take amazon pay, so I can’t use them to pay for it.

Is anyone familiar with something similar that I can get elsewhere? I’m not even sure what to call the thing to search for it. If I try bucket or supplement cart, not even this comes up. I can’t believe schnieder,s invented this thing, but I am sure coming up dry trying to find something similar. Even what I might look under in a search would be helpful.
thank you

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That is pretty cool! The closest I can get is “utility cart with angled shelves” or bin racks like these:


I’ve got to think there’s SOMETHING out there that’s similar enough! I’d spend some time on sites like the one linked above that cater to production environments? They have a lot of different carts.

I’d be worried about the “bottomless” center “shelf” area. What’s to keep the rectangular bins from slipping through and falling off? Why do they need to be angles anyway? IMO a simple shelf unit would be just as effective, maybe more so.


Not nearly at all the same lol. But maybe weaver makes other (bigger) versions?


I can’t tell if the angle of the shelves can change - those look a bit too steep for supp buckets

I just use something like this

Since my horses eat beet pulp, it’s easy to prepare the mashes in small buckets and wheel them down the aisle with the supplement containers as well.

My assumption is you’d be using a container that wouldn’t fit through the gap between the bottom support rail, and the front rail.

It makes scooping easier, especially as you get to the bottom. Not that you can’t just pick the container up and tip it, but it would save those few seconds if it really matters to someone.