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Easyboot Fury Heart

Anyone use these boots? How do you like them? Thanks!

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I used the non-heart version on a horse for flat & low jumps & trails. Really liked them, worked great for him bc they fit him well. I didn’t get the heart basically bc I hate things with hearts on them.

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I bought a set of four, but have only had the opportunity to use them at home. They have stayed on and in place, even up and down hills. They are fairly easy to put on and take off.

They and Scoot boots are fairly similar. I wonder if Scoot boots are even easier to use.

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Thanks, guys! I used to have Scoots but they didn’t fit my old horse right so I sold them. The Furies seem to be similar, but have more options for adjustments.


They do adjust fairly easily out the back. You just need to adjust 2 screws.


You didn’t buy them because you do not like the shape of the front clip?

Did you get the Fury Sling? Did they stay on well?

Basically, that was my decision point, lol. But yes, I did buy the sling. They stayed on excellently at all gaits. I only had one pulled off & it was a “goofy young horse stumble + overreach” moment. I have used a lot of different boot types, including several on that horse, these were the easiest to use & definitely most successful for him.

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So after waiting three weeks for the fit kit to arrive, I called them and found out that they hadn’t sent it, although they told me that they had. “The warehouse must have misplaced your order.” When they finally arrived, I tried them on, sent them back, and ordered a pair of boots. They arrived promptly, but I only got one boot, and one shell. “I don’t know how that happened! It must have been the warehouse. I’ll send another boot right away!”

So I don’t know if they fit, and I don’t know if I like them, because of the D Minus in customer service.


Did you buy directly from EasyCare?


I get mine through Riding Warehouse. Excellent customer service, quick shipping, and great prices. And if you are a member of US Rider, you get a discount!


I finally have 2 boots. But I have a heckuva time trying to get the hole in the strap over the little post!