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eBay Tack Sale Vent

I know, I know. We’ve all been warned by the numerous threads about eBay’s…one sided customer service when it comes to sellers.

I sold a beautiful Stubben Flat Hunt/Hunter bridle with a plaited brow band (vs the normal flat one) a little over a month ago on eBay. Buyer is now mad that the bridle isn’t the 3100 Dublin bridle she thought it was and is claiming I sent her an inferior bridle. All parts on the bridle are Stubben! And it even came with a spare Stubben crown piece.

The title for the listing clearly stated flat hunt bridle, there are multiple pictures showing the caveson was a flat hunt caveson vs the raised and padded caveson that comes on the Dublin, and the listing also clearly states that it “Has a beautiful plaited brow band instead of the regular flat one.”

Listing was short and well organized, the sentence stating that it had the plaited brow band was the second sentence in the listing (I didn’t bury it at the bottom), but seller is saying I was being deceptive.

I told her I don’t accept returns, which the ad clearly stated, and to be nice offered her a $20 refund on the bridle (she would keep the bridle of course if she accepted).

Oh did I mention she already left a positive review right after she received the bridle.

Anyway, the buyer declined the $20 refund and I promptly declined the return.

Buyer messages me saying she tried to rectify my mistake by contacting Stubben to see if they had the correct caveson. One, Stubben’s havana color is discountined, so no they don’t have the caveson. And two, not once in the listing did it say the bridle was anything other than a flat hunt bridle (clearly shown by the photos). No where was 3100 or Dublin ever stated in the listing.

A flat hunt caveson and a raised, padded caveson don’t look similar. Unless or course you never really look at the pictures.

At this point I called eBay and asked them what else the buyer could do as she continues to harass me over this bridle. I was told that she could do nothing more as the sale happened over 30 days ago.

Well she has now changed her story and said that I did not included a second caveson, until I corrected her and told her the only spare piece that had been included was a crown piece. She then said she didn’t receive that.

Guess what…

She has now escalated the case to eBay’s almighty customer service and the overseas call center tells me I was given bad information earlier about her apparently not being able to do so.

I requested a call from the rep that is getting assigned to my case and was told…it may happen. Or it may not.

And if I call and request to speak to said rep, apparently they aren’t allowed to transfer me.

I have some spare time between class and work tomorrow, so guess what I’ll be doing? Having fun on the phone with eBay trying to speak to someone who actually knows …something and can actually do something.

Good luck. People like that are just thieves in sheep’s clothing! Or uncommonly stupid…

Oh, fun. eBay offshore customer service. You’re going to need to keep calling until you get a rep that will close the case in your favor. Don’t assume the first answer is the only answer. Based on your description, it certainly sounds like buyers remorse, which is not supposed to fall under buyer protection. Keep after it. Because if the buyer beats you to a rep that will close the case, you’ll lose. And have no recourse if she sends you back the wrong bridle or a empty box. She just has to show that the tracking shows delivered to you, not that it was the original item.

I am mainly a seller (like $75k a year so very experienced). I don’t buy a lot, but my DH bought a switch just last month for a project that arrived DOA. I went though the return process so that i could get the original shipping refunded, as the seller definitely overcharged for shipping (one of my pet peeves, as that practice screwed all the honest sellers - I pay fees on shipping and don’t mark it up, so it costs me money to ship everything). The seller never sent the return shipping label, so I called eBay today just to get the label, not to have them immediately close the case in my favor. They sent the label, but also closed the case in my favor. I have every intention of sending the bad switch back, but the seller would have no recourse if I did not send the right item back.

"eBay Customer Support has reviewed the case and made a final decision.

We decided not to issue the buyer a refund. You don’t need to do anything else for this case.

This case was found in your favor because this item isn’t eligible for eBay Buyer Protection. Any feedback left, including detailed seller ratings, will be removed and won’t affect your seller performance standing. Note: It could take up to 24 hours for your Seller Dashboard to reflect this decision. "

That was really fast. And I feel extremely relieved.


OP, you lucked out! When I had a buyer dispute an item, I got stuck with a rep that didn’t know anything about horses, nor would she read the information provided where I explained why the buyer misunderstood and thought she got only one Scotch collar cover, though there were two in the box.

I’m so glad for you!!

You were so lucky. Glad it worked out.