EC ammy rules?

“ Any Licensed Coach who is certified in any context and coaches at EC sanctioned competition is not considered eligible for Amateur Status as an athlete.”

(from the EC Coaching Program Operations Guide)

The idea behind an Instructor not losing ammy status if for those truly introducing those to the sport/summer camps etc. If you are out at EC Competitions you are assumed to be either working towards or acting in the position of Competition Coach. However if coaching at local unrated shows- that is not under the EC rule umbrella.

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If anyone wonders why small, beginner-type lesson barns are going the way of the do-do, and why it’s getting harder and harder to find a place to get kids started… see Exhibit A.


Please check the CURRENT USEF rules

GR1306 and 1307
In particular. GR 1306.2.h says that an Amateur is allowed to accept reimbursement for any expenses directly related to the horse (i.e. farrier/vet bills, entries).

The restriction on “entry fees” only ever applied to Hunter/Jumper, and has since been removed.


In this case, USEF is following EC.
See the CURRENT GR 1306.2.b
In a bunch of disciplines (but NOT Hunter/Jumper) an amateur is permitted to accept remuneration for teaching beginner riding lessons under specific conditions.


Thank you for keeping us up to date, @Janet.

What do you mean owner? I think you are referring to a different scenario.

If you are a USEF member you should have got multiple emails, and invitations to webinars, about the proposed (and now implemented) changes to the Amateur rules.

I mean, if an amateur is riding a horse they don’t own at a horse show, and the owner of the horse says “ok I’ll cover your braiding for the week” - historically, “free or discounted goods or services” could be considered renumeration based on USEFs definition. So even though the owner did not PAY the amateur rider for showing the horse, receiving free services while showing the horse COULD be defined as renumeration.

Howeve - thank you Janet! - I see current rules now protect against this so, forgive me all for muddying this complicated topic further!

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oh ok, I was only referring to the OPs original post about someone standing in a ring coaching as the only evidence.

As far as your post though, if the Ammie rides someone elses horse, they couldn’t have the horse braided for them? lol

I am not a member of anything anymore. Just a casual rider who volunteers a whole bunch now.

Related tangential question: is there any other sport that currently treats amateur v. professional the way equestrian does? (i.e divisions specifically limited to amateurs, and you have to meet certain requirements to qualify as an amateur)?

Golf. The amateur rules are very similar, actually. No prizes over $1000, no teaching and getting paid for it, if you’re an employee of a club you can’t claim you’re an amateur. (That one is a little more rigid than USEF). There are specific amateur divisions and tournaments in golf, similar to horse shows.

Fortunately, just like my riding, my golf game would never allow me to be confused as a professional :rofl: