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Echo Zulu update January

Someone else please tell me does this sounds a little worrisome or am I reading too much into it?

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Worrisome yes. Abscess in other foot scary.

However, I read elsewhere that they want to keep her in California rather risk moving her to snowy and icy Kentucky.

S.O.B so sorry for all of her connections.
They’ve all fought hard for her, only to have this be the end.

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Nooooooooo!!! :sob: :sob: :sob:

Damn, damn, and more damn. I loved this filly.

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Just goes to show that bad things can happen to a horse anywhere. So sad

Heartbroken for all her medical team and all other connections. such sad news.

This is a bitter pill to swallow. :disappointed_relieved: Over the Rainbow Bridge and into the lovely meadow it’s Echo Zulu in the lead with Jess’s Dream a half length behind :purple_heart: Gallop on!


Another heartbreak
RIP Echo Zulu, onto greener pastures