Ecogold XC Pad

I miss the black underside and the tasteful light color on the top of the white Ecogold XC pads. I just replaced mine of 5 years with a new one and it might as well be white and yellow. Anyone else feel this way or is it just me?

I think they’re hideous period. Want to buy mine? lol

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Is the underside no longer black? What color is it now? Their website still shows pictures of the underside being black :astonished:

Its a very yellowish tan like the top. I am just not a fan sadly :frowning:

I would contact their customer service and see if you can exchange it for one with a black liner!

Funny you say that because I did reach out to them and they were as nice as can be. She mentioned that the supply chain is backed up and that they were told they would get the black material for the underside back in March and still have not gotten it. She hopes to have the pads back to the original design once the supply chain stabilizes. Phew!

Patricia is amazing at Ecogold. I know they have had a lot of backlog in materials sadly. They are no longer making their exercise boots and XC boots which makes me sad. I loooove their exercise boots, very flattering, not stiff and durable.