Editing posts: add the "Refresh" command to the programming behind the "Save" command button

Something to add to the probably long list of “Nice to Have but Not Urgent” programming tasks:

On the Edit Post screen, could programmers modify the “Save” command button to include an automatic screen Refresh?
On the old site (how tired are you of hearing that phrase?? :laughing: ) when you edited your post and clicked Save, it would save your change and immediately refresh the screen. Now, unless you click the Refresh button on your browser, you can’t tell that your edit went through.
This programming change might save the Mods from getting lots of “edit doesn’t work!!” complaints from people who don’t know that they have to refresh the screen.

I agree. I think that’s annoying behavior and I reported it during beta testing. I’ll reiterate to see if they can do anything about it relatively easily!

If you wait long enough, it does refresh–but it takes quite awhile, like 20 seconds. It wasn’t so long in beta testing, but I’ll update this section of the FAQ to reflect the long wait.

(12 seconds when I edited this post to reflect the edit!)

I just did a little searching and it should be immediate. Based on this thread I think it’s because we just imported all our data/images to the new site and the system is a little bogged down with that.

I forwarded the info to the developers.

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Yeah, it was super fast, no lag at all, over on the demo board.

I’ll update the FAQ now that we know it’s temporary :grin::grin: