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Ego 7 in Hunters?

Hi all,

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on circuit and I’m planning to get back into it this year. I know there’s been some threads regarding the Ego 7 boots and I’ve seen nothing but positive feedback, but I was wondering if anyone has seen these in the big hunter rings?

My trainer and I are concerned that they may be a little too “jumper-y,” but the price is right!


No one will be able to tell unless they’re right beside you staring at your feet. IMO they’re less distracting then boots with baggy ankles or boots that are too short.

That being said I love a classic boot so I ended up with Deniros. I did look at the Ego 7s, nice boots but the material turned me off.

I do! I show at Thunderbird, not sure what your trainer finds untraditional about them (maybe the ego7 logo on the top strap) but the judge will not notice or penalize you … buy them if they fit, they are gorgeous for the price point :slight_smile:

A kid in my barn rides the hunters and eq in them. Can’t tell them apart from any other boots unless you know them and see them up close.

No experience with these boots, but the multi-height spur rest is really intriguing and something I wish more boots had.

Thank you all for your input :slight_smile: