Ego7 Breeches Fit

Looking into purchasing a pair of Ego7 Breeches and am curious about how they fit.

For reference, breeches that fit me best are (of course), Trophy Hunters in a 28L and Schockemohle Libra’s in a 40. My Strucks are a size 28, but a titch small/snug.

Ordering them from overseas so trying to get a feel for fit before I order them! Unfortunately, no local tack shops carry them. :frowning:

They run typically Italian small! I just bought a pair on sale and while I love them, it was a tad sigh, frustrating to once again realize riding wear is made for tall, leggy very slim women! I am 5ft2, some curves but in good shape, weigh around 130lbs …I wear a horse pilot medium, tailored sportsman etc 28ish but these EGO 7s are a Eur 44 Italian 48 and I have to fold the bottoms up! Luckily they are super comfortable and I got a screaming good deal on them!

Really? I wear a Pikeur 44 and it’s a bit tight/generally perfect depending on the waist height. But the 44 ego7s I have are definitely actually too large and I should really have gotten the 42. I wear a 32 in tredstep and romfh, and these are definitely larger than that.