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Ejiggering the bottom graphics

Today, for the umpteenth time, instead of hitting the heart, I hit the flag. I am probably just getting old, but is there any way to move one or the other?

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I have done that SO many times. I agree that spacing them out differently would be very helpful. Maybe have the flag on the left of a post or next to the date would be way more helpful? I get paranoid that I’m going to click the flag and not pay attention and actually flag something super innocent.


if you inadvertently open Flag you can X out without doing anything else

Yes. Buuuut there is always a chance of fat fingers or clicking things too quick and boom you’ve flagged something that didn’t need to be.

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but that X is in the upper right corner whereas there is two step process of first Select the point of the flag then step two is enter Submit which is in the lower left corner

there is little to no chance of an accidental submittal of a false flag

Well, there is. I’ve done it once before. I must be incredibly stupid :rofl: More like I was just doing too many things at once. Honestly, it wouldn’t hurt anyone to move it, if possible, so I don’t understand the pushback.