Electric Fence Insulators for Pipe Posts?

Running a single electric wire along the top of new no-climb horse wire on t-posts, to prevent reaching over. 5" snap on insulators are fine on the t-posts, but my fence installers added heavy duty supports every 100ft, which consist of 3 pipe posts set 8’ apart - it’s too wide a span to just skip insulators like I could on my previous 2’ wide H-braces. What kind of insulator can be used/rigged for these posts, that will keep the electric wire far enough off the no-climb to prevent shorting? I’ve zip-tied some regular insulators temporarily, but would like a more permanent setup.

I’ve used the plastic donut type insulators on corner braces, but electric wire tension keeps the electric wire off the fence itself, unlike these straight away sections. The only pre-manufactured insulators I can find for pipe posts fit the small diameter pipes like you’d see on a corral panel, not your typical Texas oil pipe & rail type fencing.

How big are the posts? Here are some that fit to 2" diameter posts.


Another option is to use U-bolts or pipe clamps to either attach a piece of wood to nail to or attach some kind of insulators directly to the posts.

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And how thick are the posts your installers used?

We used 2 3/8” OD well pipe (3/16” thick) as line posts. Drilled holes and used self tapping metal screws to attach insulators you would normally use with wood line posts. Field drilling the posts is not fun. We’re now drilling in the shop on a press prior to field installation.

The bolt on insulators would be much faster, but they’re also more expensive!

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We use donut porcelain insulators wired to the pipe posts.
You can tie to the pipe post thru the hole and run the wire down the side, or tie thru the side and run the wire thru the hole:


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