Electric Towing Vehicles?

Does anyone have one, yet? I have promised that my old F250 will be my last gas vehicle. Next one must be electric. But also affordable. Prices of Ford trucks skyrocketed since I bought mine.

My husband is drooling over the Tesla Cybertruck that’s supposed to come out in 2022. I don’t think it will tow my heavy trailer though. It’s also uglier than sin, so, whew!

That Tesla “truck” is a joke. Absolutely useless except for urban posers.


I think it’s going to be several years before consumer-available electric vehicles with significant tow capacities are available.


I agree. I think my old truck can stick around for another three to five years.

I don’t see how any electric vehicle will ever be an acceptable tow vehicle. At $40,000 it certainly isn’t affordable ( Telsa Cybertruck).


well get ready… California executive order requires that “by 2035, all new cars and passenger trucks sold in California be zero-emission vehicles.”


now where they are going to get this electric power is the next question

My husband likes the way they look, and, to be fair, they’re cheaper than an F150 right now. I think they’re ugly

2023 for the electric F150:

Summer 2021 on the Rivan RT1:

Fall 2021 for the GM Hummer EV:

Rivan is brand new so who knows how long they will be around, but with Ford and GM getting into the game it will be a few years before they are affordable for us mortals.


DH has been avidly following the news on electric trucks. I’ve pretty much put my foot down and said no electric truck until
(a) the purchase price is about the same as a gas/diesel powered truck
(b) towing capacity is well beyond what is required for my horse trailer fully loaded with horses and gear (our current truck is a “well beyond” model after the “meets capacity” truck proved to not be enough)
c. charging stations are widely available, including in rural areas
(d) “the bugs have been worked out” meaning we don’t buy an electric truck unless that particular make/model/configuration has been out for at least 2 years (I have been burned twice by not following this rule for car purchases.)


@quietann, I like your sensible thinking.

@BayAreaRider You’ve done some great research, thank you. If you are in CA, I don’t blame you. My family complains bitterly about the gas prices there.

The other consideration is range with charging time. Horse show travel for us is often 350-530 miles one way. If you have to keep stopping and spending 1-7 hrs to recharge your vehicle each time, it is not going to work.


Then you buy a newer gas/ diesel truck before then. Our F-250 we bought new in 2000. It has just over 100,000 miles and is still growing strong. I have little doubt that CA will fail miserably in this goal. I was born there and lived my first 28 years there. They can’t do much right except screw the state up royally.


Have you seen what a new 3/4 ton costs?

$40k gets you a bare bones gas model. Try more like $60k for a new well equipped truck.

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While I’ve been following the Rivian since conception, until more research and battery capabilities have improved, I will not be investing in one for towing. Plus the towing stations are not setup to charge while towing. Usually a small space that a truck will not fit.

The Tesla truck is a joke for towing considering it will drain the battery life, its more for those that like the thought of a truck, but don’t use them.

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And argh, DH is now really set on buying an electric truck next year. If it’s his money, I can’t stop him. We don’t have room for 2 trucks. The current truck (2009 Toyota Tundra) is having some issues, but nothing unfixable. I want at least 2 or 3 more years out of it, if the next truck is going to be electric.

However, DH did mention a gas-powered Ford truck as a possible option. It’s just frustrating.

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and go up to $100K for F250

That’s insane. I ordered mine years ago with bare bones (even roll down windows). Saved me a lot of money and made it affordable. It’s affectionately known as the farm truck. It has done a lot of farm work and the most common bath it gets is when impatient cows lick the sides while I’m rolling out their round bale. It’s the truck that no one at the fancy grocery parks next to (we stop by there for beer or wine the regular store doesn’t carry). It’s also the truck I enjoy pulling up next to souped up trucks in. I’m usually bigger. Hehehe! Well, the truck is, anyway. I have to scoot the driver’s chair almost all the way forward.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: love it!

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I think a lot will depend on how far you need to haul.

Long distances and electric vehicles are an inconvenient cross with current technology

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