Electronic Certificate of Veterinarian Inspection - or digital Health Certificate?!

Need help! I figured there are a lot of experienced horse people here.

The situ: Moving a horse from TX to KY. Vet in TX issued an eCVI or electronic Certificate of Veterinarian Inspection or electronic Health Certificate. Have original coggins for the transporter.

The transportation company has never heard of eCVI and requests original paper. According to vet in Texas, the original is the eCVI and printing the document is legal. Vet emailed transportation company the digital documents. Transportation company will look into it.

I’ve looked everywhere. According to the TX department, the eCVI is official as of 11/4/2014. According to KY AGR they simply require the horse to have the documents on hand, it does not state original, digital or otherwise. According to GlobalVetLink (the service) all 50 states accept the eCVI but doesn’t say anything about whether the document needs to be printed or not. According to my vet in Texas, when the eCVI is issued, the record is sent automatically to the receiving state and can be read with the record number.

Phew. Still with me? Sure hope so.

So now, I’m trying to find out if any other transporters have dealt with this and what to do. Because the last thing I want is to upset a transporter, but I’m 1000 miles from my horse and I want her here. Vet is overnighting me a fresh ink signed printout so that I can send that with my coggins and copy of reg papers to the company. Just in case.

Please and thank you!

Don’t know about transportation companies, but I am a veterinarian and do digital CVIs all the time. Never had a problem with them being accepted. I use the (free) USDA VSPS service to do them instead of Global Vet Link ($$ and I don’t do enough of them for it to be worth it), but it’s essentially the same. I do it online and then print it out for the horse owner (who is often me, but sometimes not) to have with the horse during transport.

I was cc’d the document, I’m happy for anyone to view it and make sure it’s good.
When printed, it doesn’t have a signature on it. But it has all the information and the vet’s info.
So would this be acceptable?

And thank you so much for replying.

Ummm, I’d be concerned about the transport company because a digital CVI has been “mainstream” for several years. Print out a copy and add it to the shipping papers that go with the horse. Weird that this is an issue for the shipping company,

SLW - normally I’d agree with you 100%. I’ve had several equestrians tell me that I needed to find a different vet because “obviously the vet is doing something wrong.” Rather than actually researching and learning that there is something different being done.

I have now learned far more than I truly wanted to learn about the transport requirements of equines through state lines and out of country lol as well the legislation involved with the eCVI systems.

The receptionist with whom I spoke to from the company sent me an apology, the owner/driver of the company stated he was well aware of the eCVIs.