Emerald, Dinken or Contendro for ammy friendly baby?

Does anyone have any insight on how ammy friendly these offspring are? My mare is Calvaro Z x Ultimo, https://www.horsetelex.com/horses/pedigree/1734139/everything
great brain, great scope, uphill build. Looking to add snappier, quicker front end, do not want to add length or height- I prefer shorter coupled. She can be sensitive and opinionated so I probably do not want to make her any more of either of that. I love Emerald, but not sure he is a great ammy producer. Thanks.

I have a Contendro and hes a wonderful type, beautiful mover and plenty of jump but very very sensitive, very kind but probably not for the average ammy mount to bring on maybe by the time hes 8-9 might be more an ammy mount but as a 5yr old definitely not going to put up with mistakes or take a trick

Ive seen Contendros on both sides of the cards temperament wise, from my experience Contendro will shorten the back and improves paces (on a jumping mare) and likely not add height

The Emeralds can tend be quite boxy and feel he needs a longer lined modern mare, the temperaments from what I have seen are nice but don’t have enough experience with them to know if they are generally ammy friendly or not

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