Emergency Stall "Gate" Height Extension Ideas Needed Please!

So one side of my ‘stalls’ is a 10ft wide, mesh filled gate with nothing on the other side of it. One of my friends has an emergency, their yearling that need to stay with me since he has an eye ulcer that needs to be medicated every 4 hrs that just happened, and she goes on vaca tomorrow morning! We are worried he will try to jump out the one side of my stall that is the mesh filled on the bottom type gate. The gate ‘feet’ are sitting in holes drilled into the 4x4 that is rebarred to the ground. One side is just the chain of the gate going thru a screw eye that is drilled into the metal ‘leg’ bar of the barn (Carport) to keep it secure. The other side of the gate is bolted to the back stall gate, but I have 4x8 plywood walls going up 8ft high on the back of that gate, screwed into 2x4’s that are bolted into the heavy duty pallets I sit my hay on. The pics hopefully make all that more clear lol. The stall fronts have heavy duty black tarp over them zip tied to keep the sun and weather out, so he can only really see out that side of the stall where the problem gate is.

I need cheap, fast, easy ideas to extend the height of the gate ‘stall side’ but still allow him to see my pony in the paddock so he isn’t in a stall with no visibility completely freaking out while he is with me for the week, any ideas!!!


Can you just put some boards across with gaps in between?

Maybe hang an aisle guard across the top off the gate?


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There is nothing to nail or screw the boards into. The 4x8 is just plywood and the 2x4s holding them in place stop about as tall as the gate is.

I thought of that. Rural king and tsc by me do not have any in stock of course ugh. Right now I am hoping they can bring out one of the dog kennel panels if they are 10ft wide and zip tie the hell out of it to the gate and then park my little tractor right up against it to help discourage him from pushing on it.

The boards are a good idea too - you could hang up some joist hangers and take them down when the yearling leaves:

Drill holes and zip tie them to the horizontal bars of the gate.

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A single horse round pen panel should give you the height you need to hopefully deter any jumping since he is smaller?

It would be sturdy and a solid barrier he can see through, that you could just move a bit to get into the stall ( via the normal gate). Should also be attached easily to whatever you have to attach it to?

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He is not one of the horses in the pics. This is a yearling warmblood. He has settled in ok so far. We put my hay feeder on the outside of the gate side to keep him munching but have the spot he would be most prone to jump thru covered. Right now he and my pony are both staying in till Monday when the vet will come to my place to recheck him. Think I will at least go buy a couple more fan batteries tho!

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Hang a cattle panel from the rafters and attach the bottom to the top of the gate?

we’ve faced a similar challenge when we weaned our last colt.
We bought a tubular gate (we used mesh/wire filled, but a regular one should work too) the same width as the gate/opening we were trying to fill. One of us held it up to the existing hinged gate, but higher, so just the top bottom half and top half overlapped, and the other one of us used zip ties or double end snaps to clip the two gates together. Then the extra gate was solidly fixed to the existing one (make sure to attach them together at all the corners and several places in the middle). It just opens/closes like a heavier gate on the existing hinged one. and it’s easy to take down when you don’t need it anymore.


That sounds like a great idea!
The added gate doesn’t even has to be a heavy duty one, can be lighter and cheaper, unless that gate is intended later to be used at the bottom, as a real gate itself.

We ended up putting my hay feeder right up against the gate and it has kept him happy so far. My pony is staying in his stall on the other side of the highway so he has a buddy.
Fingers crossed everything continues to go well the vet comes out Monday for a recheck!