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End of racing in Singapore

“The Singapore Turf Club will hold its final race meeting Oct. 5, 2024, featuring the 100th Grand Singapore Gold Cup.”


That will have a big impact on the people of Singapore, not only racing but also other equestrian disciplines based on re-training the racehorses. There used to be a long waiting list to learn to ride at the Jockey Club facilities.

Does anyone know off hand if there are any stallions that could need to be repatrioted?

There are three other racetracks and training centres in Malaysia (Singapore and Malaysia operate under one jurisdiction) and Selangor Turf Club in KL are already looking at how they can accommodate horses moving from Singapore. Malaysian racing is broadcast widely to international markets and seems in good health.


Not as far as I can tell.

The vast majority of their racing stock is imported, mostly from AUS and NZ, but also from everywhere else. I could not find any Singapore-bred thoroughbred racehorses actively racing. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any, but they are definitely few and far between.

Singapore and Australia’s racing communities are very closely connected, so I’ve been turning to Australia for news.

The New Zealand Racing News had a lot of information:


TLDR: 23 trainers, 716 thoroughbreds, a stipend paid per horse to keep horses in training until 2024 to prevent a total collapse of the industry. The government will pay export costs when racing is done.

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