Endurance Footwear

I’m softly trying to step into the world of endurance. At least for the foreseeable future, feeling well-prepared for a LD is the goal.

Around 8-10 miles I find that my tall boots start nipping at my ankles and back of knee. I haven’t worn half chaps in over a decade and on a shallow level don’t personally love the aesthetic. However, being comfortable is important.

What footwear are people wearing for LDs and ++ rides? Are there comfy options with more of a traditional look?

While we are at it, I’m all for any apparel recommendations in general for longer rides. It’s amazing how much an item can be a non-issue for a 45 minute dressage ride but can start nagging after a longer ride.

I dont do endurance but I trail ride. When I go horse camping I wear my Ariat sidegore paddock boots (look like Blundstones but much more comfortable) all day and put on a pair of old Ariat half chaps to ride. The half chaps are infinitely comfortable but I try to take them off when I’m on the ground to save wear and tear.

If I’m trail riding I want something that if need be I could hike home 5 or 10 miles up and down hills with no ill effects or blisters.

I don’t think anybody rides endurance in tall black boots, and I doubt anyone would choose them deliberately for horse camping or back country trail riding. That said, my oldest pair of Ariat field boots would be fine for a 4 hour trail ride.

@Scribbler I did, and saw a few (a very few :wink: ) others wearing tall boots for endurance.

That said I did buy a pair of half chaps (leather with the look of tall boots) and wear my Blundstones last year. This spring I bought a pair of hiking boots as the Blundstones aren’t the best for long hikes and I anticipate a lot of handwalking to get to the trailhead at the new barn until my horse is used to the traffic.

Now I’m investigating socks. :laughing:

You can find paddock boots + leather 1/2 chaps that look just like tall boots.

Now I only wear this combo when riding. My go-to are Ariat barnyard lace-up paddock boots. They’re waterproof leather and so comfortable I sometimes wear them on regular hikes :slight_smile:

I’ve given up on aesthetics and ride in tennis shoes, caged stirrips and fleece-wrapped stirrup leathers. No half chaps, in the heat they were bothering me. It’s not the prettiest of pictures, but it is comfy for long hours in the saddle!


I love the Ariat Terrains and the terrian half chaps are super light and comfy. Idk I’d try something new and branch out! You may never go back to tall boots.

I don’t do endurance but I hack out a lot and for that I love my Ariat Terrains and some well broken in half chaps. Comfort and functionality rule…ride in what is most comfy (and safe) for you.

I usually do trail running shoes and half chaps but if it’s hot I skip the half chaps and just use fleece on my stirrup leathers. I also always use cage stirrups
Remember whatever footwear you have on, you need to be able to run in and there’s a good chance it will be soaking wet by the end of the ride. If something happens and you have to hike a few miles, tall boots are going to majorally suck. And 100% not a single person there will care what you look like.


I am a trail rider and have worn Ariat Terrains for years. I did just order a pair of Ariat Blaze to try something different. They have the side elastic and are waterproof.

Wanted to give an update on what I thought about the Ariat Blaze boots I got earlier this month.

I really like them. They are easy to get on and off, and are very comfortable. They feel very lightweight, yet are still supportive in the footbed and the ankle.

They have stayed dry on the inside when walking through the heavy morning dew and when bathing horses.

I did notice they made my stirrups feel a little longer then when wearing my old Ariat Terrains, but that was easily fixed.

I would definitely buy another pair. Now I will see how they “wear”!


Are your Blazes as stiff in the sole as the Terrains? I need a stiff sole, and although I have had several pairs of Terrains I have been disappointed that they fail at the seems a bit too quickly. Since the Blaze has less sewing, then it has less weak spots.

I do think they are as stiff as the Terrains. They are very comfortable though. I feel like my foot has plenty of support.

Does anyone have the Sergio Grasso endurance "sneakers" yet? There was a vendor at OD and I got to try them on and walk around a good bit. I really liked them and I noticed that few of the 100 milers were wearing them. I want to order a pair but I’m saving up a bit because the price tag is a little hefty and I also need new running shoes lol

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